Monday, June 21, 2010

This is a very exciting day - having the internet installed and starting my very first blog. I am a quilting designer and I live in the country in Oklahoma. I live what the internet people call a dead zone but to my relief a nice neighbor put a tower on his property (right across from our property) and for a mere $150 I can hook right up to it and have the internet again. Now I need to learn to do a proper blog design but for today this will do. This last weekend I was invited to show my quilts at a few shops during the Oklahoma Shop Hop. Met a lot of very nice ladies. I also met 3 quilt designers, it was fun to see what they design and compare notes.
I have been working on a little Autumn quilt that I hope to have done for the Norman quilt show in July - by then we will be wishing autumn was closer I am sure. I like to thank Billie, Debbie and Mary for having my quilts are their stores!

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