Sunday, July 20, 2014

Woolly Shopping......

Three weeks until the show!
I have about emptied shelves 
cabinets in my house.
If you take 6 steps in one direction
10 steps in the other direction that is about
the size of my little showroom space.
All my first ideas were thrown out, one
cabinet would have taken the back wall and 
half the booth!
My dear friend has all kinds of cute
furniture but we have no room....
We found these shelves and they are working
I have 52 designs that are going so I am 
printing 10 -  20 patterns for each one.  I am
about 1/3 of the way through.
I have about 30 more samples to place around
so it should look pretty good when its all completed.
Its hot now and the veggie garden is making
squash and tomatoes like crazy.
Its a good thing, I like tomato sandwiches
you don't even have to cook them,
like I would have time to cook them....
Have a great week, stay cool.....
Elizabeth Ann

Friday, July 11, 2014

Woolly Fall Quilt....

Goodness when I see this quilt 
in a picture I'm thrilled with it.
The wools are so beautiful!
I'm really enjoying making these scrappy quilts
and adding some wool embroidery to them,
I guess I will have to make just
a few more.........
 I have to thank Lisa
at Huckleberry Patches for
sending me a bit of wool so I could
get this done for Laura to quilt..
 and I need to thank Errin at 
Quilting Acres for the 
beautiful wool bundles that
she puts together for me.

Almost a month now & I will be heading to
Portland for my very first show!
I have one more little quilt to finish,
some very cute snowpeople,
you can only work on them early
in the morning or very late at night
because they have a thing about this heat.... :)
I hope you all have a wonderful
think BBQ chicken, corn on the cob
and mint chocolate chip ice cream.....
Elizabeth Ann

Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Little Fall Woolly Quilt.....

 Did you all have a 
great 4th of July??
Hope so!
It was one or so before
we went to sleep,
the little dog just sat 
there and watched it all,
I was more afraid than he was,
you don't even have to drive
downtown to see them anymore.
They were very pretty
everywhere you turned
they were going off 
so we got a very good show
just sitting on our front lawn!
Here is quilt number 3,
only one more to go before 
the big show.
Helps to stay busy and keep
the stomach from churning over and over.
The quilt is done, now I am sewing the 
pumpkins and flowers on.
I got the beautiful wool for the pumpkins,
need more for the flowers and
wouldn't you know I ran right out of thread again.....
Have a great weekend!
Elizabeth Ann

Friday, July 4, 2014

A Cute Little Woolly Pattern goes to....

The little dog was of no 
help whatsoever, 
got a new bone this morning,
I think if that cute little white poodle
that lives around the corner 
came calling, he wouldn't even notice...
So I got the husband 
to help....
he was focused on the 
baseball game on TV...
I think that would be Sunny!
send your address over & I will mail
the pattern of your choice out!

Excuse me husband can you
pick one more number?
Caught him during a commercial,
he had time to swirl,
no peeking there...
 wow he did good this time,
the dog
still after that bone.
Tatyana if you send me your address
choice of pattern,
I will send it on a fast airplane!

I'm still working on getting the 
perfect picture of the quilt,
This one really shows the quilting
but there is a block missing.

I hope you all have a wonderful 4th,
we will enjoy our little town's
fireworks, they were great 
last year 
of course we will enjoy  a BBQ!
Elizabeth Ann

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Antique Wool Quilt.....

Here it is, all done,
I'm going to try 
some afternoon light 
see if I can make more of the quilting
show up in the picture.
It is so very pretty,
I wish you could see it in person,
well if you live near Portland,
you can!
I hope to finish 3 more quilts
but I'm taking a day off
the little dog 
I will be back tomorrow with 
a winner for a nice woolly pattern!
Elizabeth Ann

Saturday, June 28, 2014

More lovely quilting....

I have always 
seem the most beautiful quilts 
on the web 
now I have one, well almost...
The quilting on this quilt just takes
one's breath away...
We hope to have
the patterns ready in a week...
Elizabeth Ann

Friday, June 27, 2014

A lot of quilting.....

Laura, the quilter, sent a picture
of my quilt....
Quilting is amazing isn't it?
Makes a plain block
turn into something absolutely wonderful!
Its difficult for me to turn
over my wool projects to someone
to finish, but I trust Laura completely with 
my work....

I also have a little bit of news today,
I made myself a little website.
It takes a week for my domain name to transfer 
over and I have a few little things 
I would like to fix.
But for now I like it a lot.
In a few months I would like to
be able to sell patterns from it but 
will wait until all the bugs are worked out.
Have a wonderful weekend, 
we are getting light rain 
all my flowers are just loving it!
Elizabeth Ann

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Little Giveaway....

This picture is going to be one 
of the banners in our booth
This is another....
Just because I got my quilt
all on the computer 
I get to start something new,
I'm having a giveaway.
The winner
may choose one of the patterns
shown on the pictures
you may live most anywhere
that mail is delivered....
You must be a follower and have an
email address so I can reach you.
I will have my little dog choose a winner
on July 4th!
Elizabeth Ann