Friday, August 29, 2014

Woollie Cuteness.....

 The embroidery
work is done and everyone
has a twinkle in their
a smile....
now I have 
to sew the quilt together
and wait patiently
for the quilting
to be done...
are just the best,
I wonder why,
maybe because they
almost always 
have a smile
and maybe a treat
for someone special.....
goodness her hat
is very bright in the picture...
love that reindeer....
I think I figured out the border....
I leave you with this picture,
my favorite one,
only I know 
whats in that bag
of reindeer food....
Have a terrific holiday weekend!
No snow anywhere around,
hopefully you will have great
weather to get out and about!!!
Elizabeth Ann

Monday, August 25, 2014

Woollie Snow People.....

 Snow people are SO cute,
as long as they are on
my quilt 
not in my yard.....
 I am so wanting to 
sew this quilt 
together now but
of course, I ran right
out of green thread again....
I'm a little embarrassed to ask
the kind ladies at 
The Gentle Art 
to send more so I placed 
a quick order online,
should be here tomorrow,
and then I can sew those
happy little trees down....
Can you see the little snow bunny
on the left?
Maybe by the end of the week
it will be ready for the quilter.....
Happy Monday!
Elizabeth Ann

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday afternoon......

Meet Mr. T.C. Snow,
Mr. Snow himself.....
I just realized he needs buttons 
on his shoes...

I promised myself I was 
going to be good this
year and not decorate for fall
until September 1st
I just heard the sounds of football
coming from the den,
so does that open the door
for decorating???
Its so nice here today, 80
and nice big white fluffy clouds
floating overhead,
it would be just so perfect 
to get all those bins
out and make the house
all cozy for fall....

I hope you all are having a 
great day!
Elizabeth Ann

Friday, August 22, 2014

 On my walk this morning
I happen 
to glance into our
neighbor's backyard
 and saw these 
beautiful sunflowers!
Just look at this one,
I would have loved
to have seen it when it was completely
covered in yellow....
 Happy little flowers....
 I have red flowers all
over the front yard,
these are going up the front
 Little roses,
well when Fish Fertizler 
is applied they take over 
the flowerbeds....
 Its a little cooler now so 
maybe these flowers
will bloom a bit more...
 They don't like that really 
hot afternoon sun....

 My sunflowers,
a little small but pretty...
 Next year I will have to 
try some larger varieties...
 The dog is comfy,
watching me stitch....
Here it is the weekend,
I hope you all have a great one!
Elizabeth Ann

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday afternoon.....

Are you all having a good week?
I have been enjoying my 
veggie gardens and flower gardens,
walking my doggie
and even cooked for the husband....
I have a few free hours
so I dug out my snowmen 
and its time to give them 
some smiles!
The cakestand quilt block is my
very favorite so they 
will be surrounded by lots of little blocks.
Not sure what to do with the border yet 
I'm sure I can figure it out.
Husband plays tennis in the morning
I can stitch away....
Next time you see these guys,
they should have
twinkling eyes and big smiles!
Elizabeth Ann

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Home, Safe and Almost Sound........

Meet Miss Judy Robinson!
well it might be Mrs. Judy Robinson, not sure.
She made my Fall Pear, entered it into her county fair
won a Blue Ribbon!
How great is that????
Met some wonderful ladies,
not too many though.
I guess they forgot to advertize this show,
there wasn't a crowd anywhere to be seen.
The quilts were wonderful,
I only saw them on 
Miss Woolie Mammoth's blog last 
night, oh by the way,
she came into my booth and took 
some pictures!
It was so nice to meet her
her friends.
Well I'm going to take a few 
days off, put everything away
and enjoy the husband and my little doggie...
I hope you all have a great rest of the week!
Elizabeth Ann

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Two Days and Counting......

Ok this is the week, 
really did you hear me counting the 
days or hours before now???
I try not to think about it all
just keep printing patterns.
I got this little idea
sometime late last night
or early this morning
my friend Mr. Dale
whipped it right out!!
Isn't it cute?  Lets just hope
there is room in the booth for it.
Going to try to hang patterns on it,
if you should have a great
idea how we could go about it,
just let me know....
Thank you for your kind comments
about Pumpkin Pie,
I'm pretty excited about it.
The quilting is pretty awesome, wish
you could see it better but brown
fabric is just like that, hides all the 
pretty quilting.
You all have a great week,
once I get to Portland on Wednesday,
I plan on having an awesome time!
If your coming to the show, 
please come and say HI!
Elizabeth Ann

Friday, August 8, 2014

Pumpkin Pie.....

Here it is the last piece 
to take to the show....
Got it last night from the quilter,
had to go to town 
buy some binding
and got it done.....
Right now I'm wishing there
was a train or bus or something 
to drive me to Portland
next week,
I don't think I have enough energy
left in me to drive to town
to get a nice Sonic treat.....
Sounds great though...
Have a nice couple of weeks,
enjoy your summer days!
Elizabeth Ann