Monday, September 14, 2015

Woolly Kits.....

 Autumn Garden
 Black Crow Express
Pumpkin Pie

You can now find
wool kits for these three
quilts at:
They will be adding more
when they get back
from some shows!
If you hit the little button that
says KITS
for my name
Sunflower Fields Pattern CO.
you will find them
I might add she has very nice wool,
at a very nice price!
Have a great week!
Elizabeth Ann

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday afternoon.....

 The last little woolly 
box is made....
 a scary little kitty..
the screen door is 
figured out.
These quilts flew from
the MN state fair,
actually from
Rosebud's Cottage,
so I finally figured out how
to hang them all on the door.
So now I have to undo
try to pack it all into the truck.
And you do understand that
it is going to rain 
all day Tuesday when we
are driving to Utah????
I hope you are having
just the best weekend 
from Toby & me
 have a great week!
Elizabeth Ann

Monday, September 7, 2015

Woolly Boxes.....

 I hope you all
are having a splendid
 I have been trying to 
finish some more woolly boxes
to take to Utah 
next week.
Finally I can say - Next Week!
I am super excited 
about this show, the quilt show
I am thinking will be pretty
wonderful, a lot of great quilters
in Utah....
I don't get so scared anymore to go
out and be a vendor.....
 Finished my fall decorating,
just in time for it to warm back up
to the 80's 
(better than snow though....)
I have to work on making a Christmas 
quilt or maybe just 
buying a red plaid one....
Got every little cabinet done...
I hope you all have a wonderful day
with your family!
Elizabeth Ann

Friday, September 4, 2015

Woolly Shop almost ready to travel.....

 Do you just not love
I use to love to decorate
the best at
Christmas time
but I think fall is becoming
my favorite time 
of the year to
fix the house up
nice & cozy....
 My goal is to get
some of those beautiful
wood shutters 
for our windows 
before winter sets in....
I got a new shelf to hold
my fall quilt, I still need a few
more treasures for it..
 I got most of my new woolly
quilt put together,
need material 
for one more border.
 The little stars are 
four inches square, I can
hardly wait to see
this one quilted but I 
will have to wait a bit,
I need to get 3 more done first.
 The last piece for my show
is done now,
I made a sign for my booth space.
I have never had a sign,
just couldn't come up with the
 perfect idea until this week,
wish you could see it altogether....
its about 6 feet long!
 Well from the woolly shop
have a wonderful
Holiday weekend!!!
I will have pictures from
the Utah show
the Boise show in a few weeks!
Elizabeth Ann

Friday, August 28, 2015


Almost ready for the next Woolly Shop,
in Utah..

A bouquet of flowers to 
welcome the Utah
ladies into the little woolly shop... 

Need to paint my new screen
door and make it look old...
Got this awesome new chair (for free!)
I think my Pumpkin Pie
quilt will look
very nice draped over it
found my old
Coca-Cola chest
& got it cleaned up...
My goal is to have a space
where ladies just enjoy being
there and want to stay awhile!
Took a few hours 
made my house 
look like fall might be coming...
not today - its 95 out there...
its ok though I'm still
enjoying the summer...
This is the newest little quilt,
hopefully I can
finish it up this weekend,
not sure what to call it though...
Used a new stitch to me,
a Raised Stem Stitch - oh its so much fun!
Once again I used those beautiful 
threads from The Threadnuts,
you really need to try out their 
twill tape, hard to stop at 3 little flowers....
Have a delightful weekend!
Elizabeth Ann

Thursday, August 20, 2015


In between getting 
orders out 
printing patterns for 
the next two shows,
I have been collecting some
new things for my booth.
I am going to take our
truck this time
so I am taking some larger
pieces of furniture,
I think this will do nicely...
Found this cute little wooden crate
to take...
Bought this old 
wooden screen to 
hang quilts on....
Trying to find an old screen door
if I cannot,
Lowe's has a new one,
I'm sure I can beat it into
looking a bit old...
All I need now is a
country rug, some fabric
and a sign.
Got my thread packets
Hill Top,
so pretty, only got 8
I'm sure they will go quickly...
and I got my new threads,
twill tapes and cotton floss tapes
for the next few projects.
I decided which ones to use
on this project,
hopefully by Sunday I will
have some stitching to show you all.
Have a great weekend!
Elizabeth Ann

Sunday, August 16, 2015


My little vacation is over,
flower beds are 
weeded & blooming....
I even got Baby's Breath to 
grow this year,
next year I will plant
a lot.  - I love Baby's 
Breath in my arrangements!
My husband built these
boxes outside my
kitchen window,
I don't mind doing dishes 
First time I ever planted zinnas,
they are so much fun!
New little bed of flowers,
I sure hope they make it before 
it turns cold...

My new little quilt,
waiting for the new threads
from the Threadnuts...
Don't you just love the wools,
lots of embroidery on this little quilt...
I drew this little quilt up
last night, can only show
half for now...
It's called Homeward Bound.
Have an awesome week!
Elizabeth Ann

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Newport, Oregon....

 Now what do you 
think about this beach???

 Pretty wonderful,
we walked from one end to the other..
 I didn't get pictures,
camera was packed away
but it was just as these pictures show.
As it turns out I have 
a beach loving doggy too,
he ran right into the waves and 
didn't mind the salt water 
at all.
My best seller at this show
was my book!
Book is a few years old now but
still sells well, always surprises me
when someone buys one!

Next woolly shop is 
in Layton, Utah.
 Quilt Fest 2015      "Quilt Camp"
             September 15 - 19, 2015
At the Davis Conference Center
1651 North 700 West
Layton, UT

I'm taking a few days off and
then the printing begins!
I hope your week is going great!
Happy August to you from me 
and Mr. Toby,
the little beach bum....
Elizabeth Ann