Saturday, November 7, 2015

Woolly Quilt....

Well here is number six,
only 6 more to go,
well actually,
number seven is on
the way to the quilter
so maybe only 5 to go.....
This quilt is called 
Homeward Bound,
with little farmhouses and
a button garden.
These buttons are from
Painter's Thread, they are
so lovely!
Its getting really cold now
outside one more week
the silly coats & gloves
have to come out of the closet drawers.
Have a delightful Sunday!!
Elizabeth Ann
ps....  next weekend Quilts In The Attic
will have my samples and patterns
at the Washington State Fair, Puyallup,
their booth is awesome, I know
you will enjoy every moment while
you are there!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Woolly Mini Quilts Continue.....

 This quilt is on the
way to the quilter, some
big blank spaces for her to 
fill in with some 
beautiful quilting!
 The only problem
this woolly quilt
it outgrew the mini stage....
 The blocks are six inches
but they were 
so pretty I just kept sewing
on and on....
I can hardly wait to see
it all quilted.
I think black print fabrics
are becoming a favorite of mine....
Once again I used some
beautiful Painter's Twill Tape
to make a simple little
I hope your November 
has gotten off to a great start,
we had our first freeze last night
and my flowers 
pretty much suffered 
from it.
After tonight they will be
done for the season....
Have a great week!
Elizabeth Ann

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pattern Corrections.....

Apparently the reindeer 
have taken liberty 
eaten parts of their pattern!
I am so sorry if this has cost you
some headaches, 
I can not figure out exactly what
in the world happen
here are some corrections for you.....
On the page with Santa and the houses,
on the right top side add these words
Position the deer so they look like they 
are taking off into the night....
In the box that starts Second Tree 
add these words,
under right side of the first tree. Place here 
On the page with the snowman,
look for the words that start
with Snowflakes add these words
 stitch in the middle with white floss
next look for the words that
start with Arms - 
add these words, Carrot - gold wool,
Cheeks - soft pink 
the tree in the middle -
should say Medium green solid 
On the instruction sheet titled Winter Pillow
this whole paragraph diseappeared -
Finishing Instructions - Cut a piece of red plaid 1 x 23.5".  If you use a plaid be sure to trim the fabric before you cut it so the plaid lines are straight.  If you don't have straight lines it will make your pillow look crooked.  Baste the wool pieces down really well before you sew the cotton fabric on, it will make the sewing much easier.  Sew and press open.  Cut a piece of Christmas print 3.25 x 23.5" and sew on the red plaid.  Press open.  Cut a piece of Christmas print 3.25 x 23.5" and sew on the top of your embroidery piece.  Press open.  Cut a strip of Christmas print 3.25" x 42" and divide it in half for the sides.  Sew to sides and press open.
Again I am so sorry about these problems,
the only thing we can think of , when my computer
got hit by a bad virus it affected this pattern some how.
Elizabeth Ann

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Woolly Quilts and Pacific International Quilt Show and Houston Quilt Market!

How have you all been?  
We have been busy getting ready 
for the winter 
trying to get quilts done!
This weekend I am so blessed
to have my patterns
at Pacific International Quilt Show 
in California!
If you should be so lucky
to go to this show
please visit
Quilts In The Attic.
They have a nice selection 
of my pieces to see.
This quilt - 
Autumn Welcome
will be in Houston this year
in the Threadnuts Booth.
Please stop and see all of her beautiful
threads and ribbons!
Have a great week!
Elizabeth Ann

Monday, September 14, 2015

Woolly Kits.....

 Autumn Garden
 Black Crow Express
Pumpkin Pie

You can now find
wool kits for these three
quilts at:
They will be adding more
when they get back
from some shows!
If you hit the little button that
says KITS
for my name
Sunflower Fields Pattern CO.
you will find them
I might add she has very nice wool,
at a very nice price!
Have a great week!
Elizabeth Ann

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday afternoon.....

 The last little woolly 
box is made....
 a scary little kitty..
the screen door is 
figured out.
These quilts flew from
the MN state fair,
actually from
Rosebud's Cottage,
so I finally figured out how
to hang them all on the door.
So now I have to undo
try to pack it all into the truck.
And you do understand that
it is going to rain 
all day Tuesday when we
are driving to Utah????
I hope you are having
just the best weekend 
from Toby & me
 have a great week!
Elizabeth Ann

Monday, September 7, 2015

Woolly Boxes.....

 I hope you all
are having a splendid
 I have been trying to 
finish some more woolly boxes
to take to Utah 
next week.
Finally I can say - Next Week!
I am super excited 
about this show, the quilt show
I am thinking will be pretty
wonderful, a lot of great quilters
in Utah....
I don't get so scared anymore to go
out and be a vendor.....
 Finished my fall decorating,
just in time for it to warm back up
to the 80's 
(better than snow though....)
I have to work on making a Christmas 
quilt or maybe just 
buying a red plaid one....
Got every little cabinet done...
I hope you all have a wonderful day
with your family!
Elizabeth Ann

Friday, September 4, 2015

Woolly Shop almost ready to travel.....

 Do you just not love
I use to love to decorate
the best at
Christmas time
but I think fall is becoming
my favorite time 
of the year to
fix the house up
nice & cozy....
 My goal is to get
some of those beautiful
wood shutters 
for our windows 
before winter sets in....
I got a new shelf to hold
my fall quilt, I still need a few
more treasures for it..
 I got most of my new woolly
quilt put together,
need material 
for one more border.
 The little stars are 
four inches square, I can
hardly wait to see
this one quilted but I 
will have to wait a bit,
I need to get 3 more done first.
 The last piece for my show
is done now,
I made a sign for my booth space.
I have never had a sign,
just couldn't come up with the
 perfect idea until this week,
wish you could see it altogether....
its about 6 feet long!
 Well from the woolly shop
have a wonderful
Holiday weekend!!!
I will have pictures from
the Utah show
the Boise show in a few weeks!
Elizabeth Ann