Saturday, April 12, 2014

Flower Farms......

 Can you imagine
living on a flower farm....
 Someone calling to get 
directions to your home -
"Turn left at the red tulips"
" Or turn right at the daffodils"
I think that would be
just perfectly lovely,
although telling folks to
turn left on Nightingale Place
isn't so bad....
My pals, Dale & Leslie, in Washington
sent me these photos today,
I think maybe they should moved
to a tulip farm
then I could come and stay 
all spring....

Hopefully by the end of next week
I will have two more blocks 
for the woolly quilt to
share with you.
I have very busy printing patterns,
gave my covers 
a new facelift & nice big photos!

We got to take a trip to McCall, Idaho
this week - the big beautiful
lake was frozen!
Love going up there to visit at
the wool there is amazing.
Took her a good supply of patterns 
for Shop Hop 
of course
Cindy's Quilt Shop has a nice supply too.
Have a glorious week,
weather is perfect now,
no complaints from me....
Elizabeth Ann

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Antique Quilt Block & Pincushion - March

March's block had to be
totally redone to 
be part of the quilt
what do you think?
I don't think the blue & orange
colors would have worked very well.
I am very happy with 
how the whole thing is working 
out - can hardly wait to get 
to the redbird again,
wouldn't you know
he will be right in the middle!
Have a great Sunday!
Elizabeth Ann

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Antique Quilt Block 
Moving right along to March
Elizabeth Ann

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Woolly Quilt Blocks & Pincushions.....

Antique Quilt Block 
The kind ladies at Cindy's Quilt Shop
came up with the lovely
idea to make my pincushions 
into a quilt.
Their Shop Hop starts in 9 days
and they wanted kits 
ready for all the quilters.
So here we go, January is
by Thursday I hope to 
have February ready.
If you would like a kit,
you can contact 
the girls at Cindy's,
they should be ready by next week!
Elizabeth Ann

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Six Woolly Pincushions Now....

 Antique Quilt Pincushion - January
Antique Quilt Pincushion - February
 Antique Quilt Pincushion - March
 Antique Quilt Pincushion - April
 Antique Quilt Pincushion - May
Antique Quilt Pincushion - June
Goodness they are pretty amazing when you put them
Do you have a favorite?
I still love the redbird.
I hope to get 3 done by the end of next week,
but a little bunny has taken up
some of my stitching time,
all I have to do is figure out how to 
finish him or her up now....
Have a great weekend!
Elizabeth Ann

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Woolly Pincushion....

 It always amazes me 
how I get a 
great picture when
its not important .......
then when you need a 
perfect picture
the sun is 
on the wrong side of the house
or no where to be seen.....
Today's excuse its in the kitchen
and not where I need it to be
to get that beautiful green wool to
show up perfectly!
I will try again tomorrow -  hopefully
the sun sticks around again...
Its been pretty hit and miss here in Idaho.
I am thinking of changing the names
of these pincushions, instead of numbers
give them a month since there will be 12 altogether.
So this is 
Antique Quilt Pincushion for May
I am thinking it might be my favorite,
you know how I love red birds....
This is one of the very first pincushions I
did and its still selling 
like hotcakes!
Hmmmm hotcakes sounds good 
for a Sunday dinner....
Have a lovely week!
Elizabeth Ann

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Antique Quilt Pincushions.....

Well here I am again,
had just the best time in Washington.
When I flew in, the sun was
shinning on the Sound
and the sun was shinning in my
window on the plane,
I hear that is odd for Washington....
If I ever hit the lotto I would buy
myself and one other person a 
house on the Sound or maybe a house
on one of the islands so I could take a 
ferry everyday across it!
When I got home I promptly got 
sick so today is the first day
my head is not so cloggy so I feel like drawing
and cutting fabric.
I need to get with it now,
Shop Hop is coming and Spring Market is 
coming right behind it.
This pincushion piece is based on
an old Baltimore Album quilt,
I so hope you like it!
Tomorrow I can start the embroidery!
Have a great rest of the week....
Elizabeth Ann

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Going Flying Today......

This morning Laura came
picked up the models
for the 
Antique Quilt Series Pincushions
You can see them at 
in Caldwell
I have four done,
when I get home I will finish
the last 8
hopefully in time for Shop Hop!
See you soon!
Elizabeth Ann