Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Joy - Day Six.....

Most current publications of Away in a Manger indicate that the writer of the first two stanzas is unknown. Others name Martin Luther as the author. The song was first published in an 1885 Lutheran Sunday School book compiled by James R. Murray (1841-1905), who gave the song a subtitle of Luther's Cradle Hymn. The third verse was written by John T. McFarland in 1904. 
I don't think I have even heard 
this song so far this season.
It is such a sweet little song, I can 
remember going caroling with my
church group and singing it.
 I found this beautiful quilt at
Someday I would love to visit there.
Their quilts are always so beautifully quilted....
 Have a wonderful Saturday!
Elizabeth Ann

Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Joy - Day Five......

 The song for today is 
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus,
I love love love these
"The original recording by Jimmy Boyd, recorded on July 15, 1952 when he was 13 years old,[1] reached No. 1 on the Billboard pop singles chart in December 1952, and on the Cash Box chart at the beginning of the following year. The song was commissioned by Saks Fifth Avenue to promote the store's Christmas card for the year, which featured an original sketch by artist Perry Barlow, who drew for The New Yorker for many decades."
 I found this amazing quilt on Pinterest,
you can see it on sewgrateful quilts.
The only info she gives about the maker
is her first name - Ann
It is absolutely amazing!
Happy snow day
in my case
rainy day!
Elizabeth Ann

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Joy - Day Four............

 No history on this lovely song,
but I did add the history to yesterday's song...
 I have loved this piece of 
needlework since the first time I
saw it on 
I saw the booklet for sale but 
knowing me it would take
years and years to 
finish the piece
Her stitching pieces are absolutely 
How about this
I got something done!
Elizabeth Ann

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Joy - Day Three......

My very favorite Christmas Song,
The Little Drummer Boy,
especially if there 
is a very large 
orchestra playing it!

"The Little Drummer Boy" (originally known as "Carol of the Drum") is a popular Christmas song written by the American classical music composer and teacher Katherine Kennicott Davis in 1941.[1] It was recorded in 1955 by the Trapp Family Singers[2] and further popularized by a 1958 recording by the Harry Simeone Chorale.
If I could afford to make these
ornaments - I would....
They are needlepoint pieces 
done by Kelly Clark.
You can find them on her website
Kelly Clark Studio under Santa's of the Month.
I just love them - don't you???
Favorite old pieces in my
wall cabinet.....
I could tell you exactly where
each piece came from,
I do have very nice friends....
Have a great day!
Elizabeth Ann

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Joy - Day Two.....

 The song I chose for today
was one of my very favorites
when I was a kid. 
We use to sing during 
the Christmas season at school, 
I wonder if they still do that???
Benjamn Hanby wrote this song in 1864 
during his tenure as a minister.
He wrote it so the people 
could sing it during the 
church service.
He also wrote Jolly Old Saint Nicholas
and many others.
 This tree belongs to Darlene Andersen,
you can find it and more of
her work on the blog of
under December 14,2010.
Beautiful miniature samplers.
 These are little ornaments
from my favorite tree
in the house,
 ones that I have 
collected for the kids
or made for them,
and ones given to me
as presents...
Enjoy your day....
Elizabeth Ann

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Joy - Day One....

I have been listening to the beautiful old 
Christmas Carols this year
I thought you might enjoy
learning a bit of history.....
So here is the story of Silent Night
"In 1847, Placide Cappeau de Roquemaure was the commissionaire of wines in a small French town. Known more for his poetry than his church attendance, it probably shocked Placide when his parish priest asked the commissionaire to pen a poem for Christmas mass. Nevertheless, the poet was honored to share his talents with the church.
In a dusty coach traveling down a bumpy road to France's capital city, Placide Cappeau considered the priest's request. Using the gospel of Luke as his guide, Cappeau imagined witnessing the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. Thoughts of being present on the blessed night inspired him. By the time he arrived in Paris, "Cantique de Noel" had been completed.
Moved by his own work, Cappeau decided that his "Cantique de Noel" was not just a poem, but a song in need of a master musician's hand. Not musically inclined himself, the poet turned to one of his friends, Adolphe Charles Adams, for help.

The son of a well-known classical musician, Adolphe had studied in the Paris conservatoire. His talent and fame brought requests to write works for orchestras and ballets all over the world. Yet the lyrics that his friend Cappeau gave him must have challenged the composer in a fashion unlike anything he received from London, Berlin, or St. Petersburg.

As a man of Jewish ancestry, for Adolphe the words of "Cantique de Noel" represented a day he didn't celebrate and a man he did not view as the son of God. Nevertheless, Adams quickly went to work, attempting to marry an original score to Cappeau's beautiful words. Adams' finished work pleased both poet and priest. The song was performed just three weeks later at a Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve."


I do so love counted cross-stitch
I found this one online while on vacation.
There is no way I could 
stitch all these 
Prairie Schooler Santa's 
this year or even by next but
I have started one in the evenings
hopefully by next year will have a 
small collection for my tree.
Its absolutely beautiful.

My tree....
Enjoy your week!
Elizabeth Ann

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Santa's Tree!

Happy Sunday
the week before the big day to you all!
This is has been the best 
December for us for a long time.
Got the house all decorated last week,
been able to get out for nice walks
(that's a miracle for Idaho),
we even went out one night
last week to see lights
without snow!

Here is Santa's Tree!
It was a little hard to take pictures of it,
tall and skinny trees don't like the bigger 
ornaments too much.
I just love how these guys turned 
out, hope you do too.

Now I would like to have one
of you enjoy stitching them too!
So if you tell me which pattern you 
would enjoy having leave a 
comment and on December 26th
I will draw a name.
This is the list:
Santa's Tree One
Santa's Tree Two
                                                                        Santa's Tree Three
Santa's Tree Four
Santa's Tree Five
Santa's Tree Six
Have a great day,
Elizabeth Ann


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Three Days Until A Woolly Christmas!

Here they are!
The last two ornaments for Santa's Tree.
You don't think Santa's 
being a little vain having ornaments
with him on them - do you???
Its very dark and cloudy here
very warm for Idaho in December!
Hopefully I can get better
pictures by Sunday.
 Here is a close up of the man in the moon
and the little reindeer.
I bet they are tired by the end of the night....
Elizabeth Ann