Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Autumn In New England.....

Got the quilt back yesterday 
just finished the binding.
I love the bias stripe look!
I love the quilting, 
little leaves, bigger leaves 
the feathers have a 
little leaf corner.
The embroidery work was 
designed for beginners 
a few more advanced stitches
are included in the pattern
that can be used.
The blocks are easily pieced so most
everyone can enjoy making
this quilt.
It was very enjoyable to make!
Have a wonderful rest of the week
Elizabeth Ann

Monday, April 20, 2015

All Around The House.....

 Little piles of 
pretty patterns are slowly
taking over the house....
 Getting ready for quilt market,
so far, has been fun.
Suitcases are out and ready,
and I am still pretty calm,
we will see how long that last.....
I still have one more quilt to get the binding
sewed on 
hopefully one more pattern
to finish up.
Have a fun week!
Elizabeth Ann

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sweet Pea's Back Home......

I am so happy with 
Sweet Pea....
Look at all that beautiful quilting!
These last two quilts will
have a stripe bias binding.
Had two great lessons yesterday 
I just love the way it turned out.
What a great little quilt to 
put out when its dark and dreary outside!

A month from today I will be
setting my booth up at
Spring Quilt Market!
Time is flying quickly 
I think the hard work is done now.
 I am looking forward to 
meeting the store owners,
hope they find me,
way way way in the back....
Have a great rest of the week!
Elizabeth Ann

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday afternoon......

 Five weeks until 
Spring Quilt Market....
I'm not so scared anymore, after all
I am way way way in the back of the 
convention center, 
and you know all the action is
in the Moda row!

The quilts are now at the quilter's,
can hardly wait to see what 
she does with them.
I left the borders alone,
I think I was just tired of 
working on it, it was a lot of 
sewing in a couple of weeks.
Now I trying to figure out how to
make a 6' long table 
look absolutely wonderful -
(1st Picture)
The goal is to make those shop 
owners leave with a little bit of everything!
I found a grocery store by my hotel
room that has lots of beautiful 
fresh flowers and box lunches!
So the table will have a cute bouquet
I can have lunch without leaving 
the booth (very important)....

 Needed a little bit of
sewing to keep myself calm.
Nothing like a pink sheep 
pink bunny to do the trick!
 Thank you sweet ladies for
leaving a comment about my
quilt -
The name will be.....
Autumn in New England
And I like to thank Kay for writing me
and helping with the market questions.
She has been to market quite a few times 
to help another designer so she knows
all about it.  I appreciate the time 
she took to write me several times.
So all I have left 
is to print patterns 
clean the house....
(so very important)
Have a great week!
Elizabeth Ann

Monday, March 30, 2015

A Pattern Name.....

 Do you think
"The Best Of New England"
is a little goofy 
for a name?
 Woolly Autumn
is sort of plain for a name....
The quilt is ready for the quilter,
after I got the borders on
I was a little worried
I picked the wrong fabric
but the binding will just finish it off
Any fabric I tried just sort of sat
there but this little gem
made everything sparkle...
Of course tomorrow I may not 
like it at all...
I think I'm just tired,
two days of working on our taxes
wore me right out, they keep
changing the rules.....

Well I have curtains & a tablecloth to make for my
little market booth.
Straight sewing, I should be able to handle that
pretty easily...
Have a wonderful week
Happy Easter to you all!
Elizabeth Ann

Thursday, March 26, 2015

March Madness At Our House....

 Off To The Game.....
I'm ready....
I won....
Parts A,B & C are together,
on to D,E, F.....
Hope you are enjoying your March!
Elizabeth Ann

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Part One.....

 I could breathe a little better
this morning...
 When you use beautiful
hand dyed wools
mistakes can be costly.....
 Now that I say that,
cotton is a little costly too,
once you have embroidered
a whole 35 inch long strip,
you really want that piece 
to match the seven strips
that it joins...
 and it did perfectly....
Don't you love that word
So I guess this is Part One,
Part Two is started.....
Have just a perfectly wonderful day!
Elizabeth Ann

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

From the Bright Side to the Country Side......

 When my sewing machine went into
the shop, I finally made myself 
sit down 
figure out how to make 
this quilt,
that was in my head.....
Had to put those pretty bright
fabrics aside and get
back to my country roots,
(not sure how long this will last.....)
 Finally got it on the computer
and the fabrics chosen...
The fabrics always 
have a mind of their own,
I wanted some reds and pretty greens,
but they will have to wait
for the next project....
Lots of great little 5 inch blocks to make
and leaves everywhere 
to embroider....
Got the news today, I have 
been accepted to the MN International Quilt Market,
makes me nervous just typing it out!
I will be on my own there
not sure about it all,
but I thought I should try
at least one time.....
I emailed a few well known designers
a few questions
never heard back,
so I guess I need to figure it out
all by myself....
But for today I need
to take advantage of the
70 degree weather
take my little guy
for a nice long walk!
Have a great evening.....
Elizabeth Ann