Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hearts, Flowers and Little Old Ladies!

Is there anything sweeter than hearts and little grey hair ladies? Miss Millie came home last night, I told you Miss Mary Ann would do her magic!
Little hearts everywhere on this quilt. She has her binding on, now the pink sunflowers have to get created, that's the fun part. She will see you at the Norman Quilt Show this weekend!

For all the people that asked about the new little pattern I showed yesterday, it is very small, 12 x 13. The picture is nice and large to show those little snowmen off and all that wonderful quilting! Just kidding there, I can quilt very nicely by hand or by machine if I stick to quilting in the ditch. I have been practicing my meandering in between creating new patterns but I rather draw and piece the quilts and leave the quilting to the experts!
Have a great day!!

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matate10 said...

Gee did ypu notice Miss Millie in another blog this morning?