Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Can you See The Rain Drops??

I was sewing so intently on this new quilt I didn't even see the rain drops on my window. Our house is very well insulated so I cannot hear anything outside (well maybe the jets that fly over from the airbase). When I finally saw the drops I went flying outside right into a mama and two baby deers. That would have been a very sweet picture. My husband caught them last night trying to eat my tomato plants so I know they will be back shortly. But for as long as it took to upload this picture and write this, the rain has stopped. I better go water some more - how many more days until fall???

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Deb H said...

So does that mean you have been having dry summer?

We have had a record we summer here in Anchorage.We've exceeded the previous record consecutive day of rain by 5 days & still counting! I would be happy to share with anyone who needs it!