Monday, August 2, 2010

Great Fill In Picture!

Thought you might like this picture better than the project I am working on now! My friend Mary Ann suggested this weekend that I learn how to quilt. Now I use to machine quilt but ended up with a sore neck, sore shoulders and not happy with the results. But last night I can across some pictures on the Internet of some beautiful quilting (which I am sure has taken years of practice) BUT I also came across some lovely threads. Now I love pretty thread! So I decided to get more serious about this quilting thing and decided to devote about an hour a day to it. First step was to figure out how to drop my feed dogs, had to find the manual to my wonderful machine and found a button that I never knew I had - hmmm. Fixed a little mini quilt of muslin and batting, drew some fun lines, found some gardening gloves and off I went. If I get really good I will have to buy some pretty thread and defiantly some nicer gloves. Hope I have some more pictures of flowers for tomorrow.......

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