Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fort Worth....

We took
a little trip
to Fort Worth. There are a few shops that
we enjoy visiting and there was a quilt show to enjoy. I have a lot of pictures to share with you but this quilt sort of took my breath away. It was made by Sharon Shumber and quilted by Janet Stuart. I had the honor to meet Janet at the show. She has been quilting 5 years and her work was amazing. I have just discovered Sharon Shumber's work last week so to see a quilt that she has designed was amazing. This quilt is for Houstons' 2011 raffle quilt and I believe Janet said this is the last show it will be in until that time. Janet told me about the quilt that Sharon made for this year for Houston, I can hardly wait until they post pictures of it. Tomorrow I will show a few more, they had great quilts, those Texas ladies put on a great show for everyone!

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