Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rain Is Coming......

It's all cloudy outside, hopefully rain will come our way. The only bad thing about it I cannot get a good picture of the two new quilts.
The decorating is going good. I got two containers emptied and my husband warned me not to go up into the attic to get more while he is gone. It's always fun to see what I have packed away a year ago.
I found my favorite candle at Wal-Mart this weekend so the house smells like fall and is starting to look like fall - only one thing wrong with the picture - the air conditioner is still going, but maybe with the rain it will cool down some.
I found some great new fabric from Moda, Clermont Farms, have you seen it? I love it. The little charm pack is all that they have right now but it will help to design a new little quilt with it and be ready when the yardage hits the stores. But for today I am making a Christmas quilt and hoping for a little bit of sunshine for picture taking.....


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