Tuesday, November 9, 2010

7th Favorite Thing About Fall....

Yes, Christmas magazines hit the stands! I love beautiful magazines but a lot of them are going away. My favorite, Victoria went away but it came back. I have always loved to read. One thing I love to read about most is what people do with their lives. I love it when someone has a little bit of talent and works very hard to accomplish great things, oh we may never hear about them but their family will enjoy the harvest! It seems to me all kinds of people are moving back to a piece of land and are enjoying simple things like raising animals, growing veggies, spinning their own wool, or even baking delicious breads.
Did I mention my dream of having my very own book is coming true? Yes, 6 of my quilts are leaving next week to start a very exciting journey. It won't be finished until next summer but I know its actually coming true now.
Have a great day :)


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