Thursday, November 4, 2010

Number 2 & 3 Things I Love About Fall!

Number 2 would diffently be the trees. I love trees anyway especially if they turn red or bright yellow. I found a couple of trees on the way into town to show you. My little trees were lucky to survive the summer let alone show out for fall! These people had two beautiful red trees on their property. No one came out to yell out me, its kind of hard hiding in a big red truck but I have learn to be quick at taking pictures!
Number 3 would be going to the grocery store in the fall! Do you not just love going in and seeing all the pumpkins, squashes, holiday goodies? I don't eat meat so when all the fall veggies arrive I am very happy person. DO you love brussel sprouts, nice big green ones? Yummy. My poor dear husband hates it when I cook them.
When I took my little piece of woolen pumpkins to the fabric store the ladies just loved it. I thought I had done it wrong, using a buttonhole stitch around everything but I guess I did ok. They told me to go home and make a pattern and they would buy it. They wanted me to enlarge the pattern for a hooked rug. I do not like making patterns, oh I guess once I get started its ok but I much rather start that Christmas wool project.............

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