Monday, December 13, 2010

13th Day of December.....

It's a great Monday morning! Sun is coming out and no snow for us! I had a great time at the play yesterday, the performers were amazing. My husband and I need to go more often!
I'm sure all of you have Christmas's that you enjoyed more than others and don't want to ever forget. I have one that I would love to share with you. When our children were about 10 I wanted to do something to teach them how important giving was. Our kids have never really asked for a lot or just went on and on about what they wanted for Christmas but I wanted to do something the whole family could get involved with. I went to Ruby - Ruby was the gentle older woman at church, you know the one that is always smiling and hugging you. I asked her if there was a family that could use some help during the holidays. She knew of the perfect family that we could pour our affections on. The young dad had been in an auto accident and was paralized from the waist down. He just couldn't get going again and was sinking in depression. They had two little girls and no Christmas at their house. So I put the word out and I started sewing for the little girls. We had this nice big living room with no furniture - pretty carpet and drapes but couldn't afford the furniture and my goodness people started bringing all kinds of things - that living room started filling up! People sent money, homemade can goods, toys, I don't even remember all of it now. On the day that Ruby set up to deliver it all, she came and just stood and looked at it, it even amazed her! We started loading up her car and off she went to play Santa. The kids and I just stood there for awhile probably wishing it wasn't all over with but eventually we got busy with our own Christmas. A few weeks later I was visiting with Ruby and she told me the rest of the story. When she showed up to the little family's home they were shocked to see all the presents in Ruby's car. They were very happy indeed. A few weeks after that Ruby told me that the husband decided to go back to school and learn a new trade so he could take care of his family. He told Ruby that Christmas brought him up out of his depression and gave him the love he needed to get well. I wonder today where that family is. I hope that was just the beginning to all kinds of wonderful Christmas seasons for them. If you have a special Christmas I would love to hear about it!

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