Saturday, January 8, 2011

Right On Schedule.....

January seems to be my favorite time to cross-stitch. This whole piece of beautiful linen will eventually be full of fall - barns, trees, houses, animals. I am leaving the witch and graves off, not my favorite things! If I do one square a month there is hope it will be done by next year. I've done my square now I get to do another Christmas ornament. My hope is next year's tree will have a great deal of beautiful little stitched ornaments framed in red ribbons!
I have to disappear this morning while the house is being shown so I am going to visit the little quilt store that has all the wonderful wool. I am going to do a few more pieces to add to my little pumpkin pillow.
I listened to the news a little yesterday, I had to stop listening for awhile, it seems our country is sinking in debt and the people in charge of taking care of the country are not doing a very good job at reversing the problem. It seems to me a nation as great as America is should not be in debt at all - anyway the news wasn't very good - so my prayer for you dear friends is that you and your family have the jobs that you need or could ever dream about having and you are warm and have the things you need for your family. Have a great weekend!

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