Saturday, January 15, 2011

# Two Ornament

I finished my second ornament - 22 more to go before December! I got a few patterns in the mail yesterday so I am ready to start #3. These little ornaments are so cute! I changed the colors around because I want our tree to be full of red (husband loves red on the tree). I am going to try to get 4 more on this linen so when I get the linen full I will make all the ornaments up at once. I am going to try a Shepherd's Bush ornament but they are pretty small.
I got all my wool projects cut out, now I am basting them down. I have a dear friend that dyes the most beautiful threads and ribbons and I have ordered some beautiful silk twist to do the embroidery with - when the box comes I will take a picture for you to enjoy (didn't want to say the word drool....). If you like beautiful threads, buttons, laces and fabrics we could consider ourselves best of friends......

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