Friday, February 4, 2011


The snow and ice are winning this week. Our roads are snowdrifted and icey so the trucks have to stay in where its dry and warm. I am happy just working on my wool projects and trying to keep the house clean - its now decorated with carboard boxes in every corner! One thing for sure not getting out to the grocery store is very good on the diet! I have one egg left and it will be a very big decision where to use it. I was thinking of cornbread with honey dripping from the nice warm slices but I will wait until dinner to see if I need it. Now for the husband, he gets all dressed and goes tromping around looking for a way out. He tried to drive my truck yesterday to work, backed out of the garage got almost off the driveway and started to spin the tires, took him awhile to get it back in the garage - tried to tell him my truck doesn't like that cold, wet, white, icey stuff............

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D. Leigh said...

Whenever I hear about cardboard boxes taking over peoples houses, I think of a Lucy Show episode. It was the show where she and her friend were roommates not the one where she was with Ricardo. At any rate, I remember her whole livingroom was nothing but boxes, and she had them displayed as livingroom furniture .... I might have to see if I can find that on YouTube!

You hang in there, okay?!?!