Saturday, February 12, 2011

Warm Saturday.....

Today the sun will share some warmth with us. The snow is almost all gone, kind people emailed us to see if we were ok - as long as I can sit by the fire and stitch and the husband can escape to work we are perfectly good.
I read this morning on a blog that a very kind person purchased a banjo for the writer of the blog. She sold hers when she needed some extra cash for her farm and was missing it. She shared about the day she received it and started to play it and the wonderful music that came from it. I practice on my violin, I'm not very good but I still love hearing the music that comes from it. My friend that lives in the town where we are moving plays very well and I can hardly wait to hear her play. She has a very old violin and I'm sure it makes the sweetest music. I also have made a new friend that designs Christian cross-stitch that lives near where we are moving. She wrote a very warm letter about quilters and cross-stitchers that live near by - she even offered to help unload our moving van! And then our realtor - what can I say! She has worked very hard to find a piece of land for Jerry, sent pictures and more pictures. Next week she is going to go look at a couple of places for us to rent while our house is being built and then on Tuesday she and the builder are going to go visit the land, to get his ideas on each piece. I'm sure that God has planned each step for us so this move will go so smoothly we might actually enjoy it!
I hope the sun is shinning today in your neck of the woods - have a delightful weekend with your family......

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