Monday, April 11, 2011

A Little Bit Of This & That.....

I took a few days off from my latest project but today I am back at it. These little designs are quick and fun to do. We have visited a church twice now and enjoy it. We found Target and a Costco pretty close so that is good. We found some great grocery stores, maybe not so good. We have gotten back to a good routine for walking after dinner so that is good. But we had to give up on the land search. In Oklahoma you can just go buy some land and pretty much do what you want on it. Here in Idaho they have a few rules the first being - build a big big house. There is a lot of land for sale and no one is buying it but they still have rules. Too much stress for us so we will rest awhile and get going again someday. Today I cleaned the cute little duplex and the sweet husband is back at refinishing all the furniture. When we do find a new home we will have all kinds of pretty new cabinets to decorate with. Tonight I am planning to start stitching my Christmas ornaments for next Christmas. I think I am only behind on my goal by 4 - not so good........ Photobucket

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