Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Little Drawing Today....

Our little duplex has a very large kitchen, I'm sure you are suppose to have a little dining table in it but since it has a very large window I claimed it for my sewing area. I love sitting by the window drawing and watching the trees turn to spring colors. We are living in an older part of town with the cutest little houses and very big big trees in their front yards. When the tree across the street turns green I will take a picture of it. The tree is bigger than the house. Today the sweet husband got his riding lawn mower out, he wanted to start it and check the battery but pretty soon I saw him out on the front lawn. Two passes and it would be mowed. The little house across the street has a big corner lot and I'm sure it would be fun to mow that lawn. One day when I see the little older lady out I'm going to ask if we can mow her lawn. She might think the couple from Oklahoma might be a little light headed mowing lawns with riding mowers but we can try. Give us an hour and we can have the whole neighborhood mowed and trimmed up.................... Photobucket

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Lori said...

Your new sewing area sounds like a nice space.
I laughed when I pictured your hubby going from yard to yard giving them all a nice spring trim!