Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sweet Sixteen.............

I put the finishing touches on Number 16, took pictures, sent my presentation off to Leisure Arts and two hours later got so sick I couldn't stand up. I hate wasting time in bed or hanging on to the toilet like its my best friend!!

I want to make a couple of fun quilts now. CeCe and I are going to a quilt store next month that has an open house on Sunday to show off all the new things from Quilt Market. I am looking forward to it!

But for today, Jerry and I are praying for all the people that have been hurt by the bad weather in the south. So many farms, homes have been lost by the floods. So many homes, lives lost by the tornado's. During these times it would be so nice to have extra cash on hand - just imagine - showing up to some one's blown away home and delivering a brand new mobile home for them to use until their house got rebuilt - how fun would that be...................

Elizabeth Ann

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