Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Picture This......

Sitting in a little old cabin overlooking the bluest lake, gentle breezes coming in through the screen porch, feet up on the coffee table reading your favorite book or stitching away. The biggest decision of the day - what to eat for dinner. Sounds good to me!

5 more weeks until we move (never quite sure when building a house). I cannot buy another thing we have no more room so I am reading and stitching away. I love this piece, so much that I have put away all the other projects. I have the perfect place to hang it in the new house. I am sure it will take a year to finish but it is so worth it.

Today I have to go take my drivers license test - yuk. We didn't have to take test in Oklahoma for some reason. I have studied the manual for two days so hopefully I will not get too nervous and pass. Tomorrow we have to get the hot rod it's new license - always fun - every state has new rules for the hot rod.

Enjoy your summer day even if your not in a little cabin by the lake.......

Elizabeth Ann

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