Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Afternoon............

Thank goodness for pictures, I can still enjoy Washington a little longer. See my feet in the ocean? The rain stopped for awhile and we got to walk along the beach. We took the ferry home, it always amazes me that big trucks, buses, little trucks, cars all ride across the sound on these ferry's. See the fence on the bottom row? If you look close you can see the little trees cut out on top of the fence. Dale, Leslie's husband is quite the woodworker and has done some great projects around their home and yard. I would have him do me some little trees on my fence but I don't think that would work out to good on vinyl fencing. But I hope I can come up with some sort of project where I can have some pine trees cut out. They had these huge hanging flower baskets everywhere. I can hardly wait to make one up for my front porch.
Washington is a very pretty place! Great little country stores and great fish dinners!
I hope you all have a great weekend............
Elizabeth Ann

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