Tuesday, July 5, 2011


This morning I started the job of packing up again. First thing I did was straighten a plastic tub with some quilting squares in it. I then got out the ironing board and pressed them all and decided a quick way to finish the quilt that was started probably 7 years ago. An applique beauty that needs my attention. So after I finished ironing I put all but one square away determined to work on a square this afternoon. We went and picked up a little table for the breakfast area and came home only to find some wonderful patterns in the mail. I am hopeless. I need 4 hands to accomplish all that I need to do or really what I want to do. I know my stitching time is drawing to a close after all I have a new backyard to landscape and I do love yard work even more than sewing but I have a goal to meet this year - a lovely Christmas tree full of beautiful ornaments. So tomorrow morning I must, I must get up at 5 and get going. I will try to remember that it will be 7am in Florida and certain people there are already stitching..............

Elizabeth Ann

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Campbell Kids said...

When I become overwhelmed that I have soooo many things going at once, I comfort myself by saying that it's better to be working on some things - even too many things - than doing nothing at all! Eventually, I accomplish a lot...just not as quickly as I might like. Sometimes, I put it all away and take a little break. Then I return to it fresh and ready to go again. (It's the psychology that works on me!) ;-) I love those patterns by the way!