Monday, August 1, 2011

Christmas - 117 Days To Go!!!

To decorating day that is! The Christmas trees should be showing up at the stores any day now. We didn't have a big tree last year, lots of little ones but now we have the perfect place to put a nice tall tree.

They have one Hobby Lobby store here in Idaho and a few weeks ago I noticed the pumpkins were in. A week later I went back with my 40% coupon to get a little glass one and guess what - GONE! So I better not put off buying just the perfect item again!

Well I have to go this morning and buy a couple of more trees for the front yard. They are putting the sprinklers in right now and in a few hours the sod goes down! We planted a few trees Saturday and put the basin down for a little fountain.

You all have a wonderful week! I hope and pray it cools down for you dear people in the Midwest......

Elizabeth Ann

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Patty C. said...

I am liking that first photo - Lovely Christmas pattern & the fabric is perfect ;)

Have fun with the planting !!!