Thursday, August 11, 2011

Still Just Hanging Around.........

Well its Thursday and we are still waiting to hear when we can move. With this economy you think they would be happy to complete the sale of the house and let us get moved but they are in no hurry so what is a girl suppose to do, no silly, I don't make lemonade, I stitch!

Everything is packed and sitting in the living room, this place is spotless but I did find a little piece of linen and this chart so I stitched it up.

Last night I unpacked my Prairie Schooler ABC piece and started on the C is for Cow.

There is a secret Sampler maker group and I am holding my breath until I get an invite. Sounds like so much fun!

Lets hope this is my last post before I get to move and I promise not to complain about lifting boxes or unpacking boxes or decorating or making new quilts or making new curtains or decorating for fall - ha.............

Elizabeth Ann