Thursday, October 13, 2011

Giveaway Time!!

Because my best best best friend is on her way from Washington to see ME and I finished so many projects in the last couple of weeks and I have some wonderful new Friends and I have visited wih some wonderful needleworkers this week and I have two books coming out in the spring and I have a project in McCalls' magazine coming out next year -  good gravy I hope thats enough - I am giving away my favorite pattern for the 5" Pincushions!  If you are a follower of this blog you will get two chances to win.  All you have to do is leave a comment about your favorite thing to stitch or sew or knit!  The drawing will be in a week or so when I am all rested up from shopping, sightseeing, visiting, playing Chicken Foot, dining, talking and more Chicken Foot.
Have a great week! 
Elizabeth Ann


the woolen cellar said...

I love your designs and am so looking forward to the McCalls magazine. I've not been able to find your patterns but will keep looking. I am a quilter, however have found a new love in working with wool, especially crazy quilting with wool.

sunny said...

I love all your little designs, and will be watching for the opportunity to purchase the patterns. I love to stitch anything! I'm a quilter, but I love cross stitch, embroidery, crocheting, English paper piecing. I always have several projects in process so I can find something to suit my mood.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Applique is at the top of my list and then piecing....I also love embroidery,counted cross stitching and working with wools.

Your designs are darling and your ideas are very inspiring!

Have a great time with your friend!

Carolyn :)

Patty C. said...

What a lovely Giveaway - i will post on my blog for you .
I like to stitch - That's it - I will stitch anything anytime - lol -
I do like to stitch Christmas Ornaments & smalls (wallets, pincushions, pinkeeps ....)

Enjoy your visit with your friend ;)

Mindi said...

Cross stitch is my favorite, but within that category, anything goes. I love mixing different techniques, and have started finishing some of my cross stitch smalls with wool and wool applique on the back.

Have fun playing Chicken Foot! During the Christmas holidays, we usually get some great domino games going when the house is full of family and friends.

PegC said...

Just found you, love pin cushions so would like to enter your draw.
I'm a cross stitcher,heart and soul. As I've been doing it long enough now to work through quite a few "phases" (ie trees, sheep,amish) I'm finding what I'm beginning to appreciate is stitching over one and taking more care than ever to get it right. It's somehow very, very satisfying, as I believe your designing is to you. Best of luck with all of your creative endeavors.