Friday, October 7, 2011

Shepherd's Bush Christmas Ornaments.....

Yesterday was cold and raining, a good reminder that Christmas is right around the corner.  Back to work on my ornaments.  I found this scrap of linen and I can stitch 6 ornaments on it, I think.  Hopefully today I can fill in that blank spot.  Sun is coming back tomorrow so I can finish painting my cabinet.  Trying to get ready for some fun company this next week.  Plenty of time to play Chicken Foot, I'm really good at it, you don't even want to mess with me when it comes to CHICKEN FOOT!
Have a great weekend!
Elizabeth Ann

1 comment:

Patty C. said...

Ok - The ornaments are wonderful- But what in the world is chicken foot -

Now I won't be able to sleep trying to figure that one our ;)