Monday, December 19, 2011

Day Twenty Four of Christmas Joy.........

This is a new little tree that I bought while in
Washington a few weeks back.  I bought
it because I thought it would make
a perfect tree to hang little wool
ornaments on it but I couldn't just
let it sit around this year!
NOTE:  They took my husband's
shaving cream away during check-in
but they allowed me to have this wood/wire
thing on the plane, now I know how
dangerous shaving cream is.........
Elizabeth Ann


Anonymous said...

I love how your tree looks, guess next year you will have to come and help decorate my house before we go shopping! Leslie

Patty C. said...

Beautiful tree -
Shaving cream - lol -Thank goodness you didn't have shampoo ;)

sunny said...

Shame on hubby for trying to sneak shaving cream on the plane. Should have just sprayed it on the tree! Love the tree.

Carol said...

What a fun tree!! Amazing that they let you bring that on the plane with no hassles!