Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A New Design, A New Box and Pretty New Wools........

If you have read my blog for awhile
you know how much I love boxes! 
Lucky me I moved into a neighborhood
with a gentleman that makes the
most beautiful boxes.
If I can draw it he can build it!

I found the most beautiful wool online a
week or so ago and redid the design I had
started out with for this lid.  I tried all
sorts of trim for the edge, but it turned out
the wool was perfect.

Flower Hill Farm
The pattern will be ready on Monday.
I hope you like it! 
If you don't have a pretty box, it would
make a lovely pillow.  The name of the maker of
the box will be included on the pattern.
Elizabeth Ann


Anonymous said...

I love it Liz, you did such a good job!

Carol said...

That is adorable, Liz... I love the yellow house (I have a "thing" for yellow houses for some reason!).

Patty C. said...

Oh my gosh - i love the box! And of course your pattern makes it look lovely :)

Lori said...

You are lucky! That box is beautiful. Of course, your wool piece looks awesome!!

sunny said...

I love it! How do you continually come up with new ideas?

Heirlooms by Ashton House said...

This is so charming--the combination of your endearing pattern with the lovely wooden box is perfection! Love the name of the pattern! Thank you for sharing it with us. Lucky you to have a handy craftsman who can make those wonderful boxes!

Tatkis said...

What a beautiful and cosy box! You are very lucky to have such a neighbour!