Friday, February 17, 2012

Applique Quilt Project....

I saw this quilt hanging at a quilt show
in Oklahoma City.  It was
pretty and after awhile I went
back and took a second look.  It was
offered as a block of the month from a
quilt shop in Arkansas.  I have never
done a block of the month and thought
I would give it a try.  When the first block
arrived I was pretty upset with myself.
The colors weren't anything like I
remembered, so I had to go straight
to town and buy more fabric.
The quilt patterns are from books called
Baskets, Berries and Leaves.  The
patterns are pretty primitive and
somehow when I cut them out
they got unprimitive.  The
fabric they sent isn't very primitive
looking.  See the border fabric
over there?  roses and love birds.
Every January and February I
try to finish up an old project or two,
the cross stitch pieces refuse to get
done so I dug this out a few weeks
ago and started to finish the blocks.
Yesterday I pressed them all,
laid them on the floor and promptly
fell in love with it.  I need to buy one
more piece of fabric for the
inside border and finish one
more block and it will be done by
the end of the month.  But for
today I need to print more
patterns and maybe clean
a little house!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Elizabeth Ann


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Looks lovely Elizabeth Ann! A lot like "Spring"! I understand about kits....I like to pick my own.


Carol said...

Looks like you'll have a finish to share with us very soon, Liz--it really is lovely! Forget cleaning the house--just work on the quilt :)

sunny said...

Oh so pretty!!

Lori said...

It really is gorgeous! I'm so glad you love it all over again:)

Heirlooms by Ashton House said...

Your blocks are gorgeous, Elizabeth! I can tell this quilt is going to be stunning!

Patty C. said...

Oh my goodness, I am drooling over here! !!!!!