Friday, February 24, 2012

Woolly Birdie....

Mr. June Woolly Birdie
Now I ask you what distributor or shop
would not just love to
have this bright little
guy grace their doors?
If all you dear folks would
say a little prayer
for me this weekend, I would
so appreciate it.
My friend CeCe took a few
things to the big
Nashville Cross-stitch market.
I know cross-stitch stores probably
won't be interested in wool embroidery
but the big distributors will be there
and the big online stores will
be stopping by to see her.
We just need a few more
people to fall in love with
the patterns!
Have a delightful weekend!!
Elizabeth Ann


Patty C. said...

I'm sure things will go wonderfully !!! Cute little birdie ;)

Carol said...

I do hope CeCe has good luck with your designs in Nashville, Liz!! They are all adorable :)