Monday, March 5, 2012

Woolly Pumpkins Two...

These little pillows turned
out much better than I thought they
would!  I searched for hours
through all my fabric bins
trying to find just the right
fabric.  All the cute
fall fabric I have just wouldn't work.
They will be so much fun to
have around this fall BUT
I'm not in any hurry to
have fall arrive.
Spring arrived yesterday and it
was a glorious day!
Elizabeth Ann


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Wow Elizabeth Ann! All your wool pumpkin projects are darling.

Thanks for sharing :) Carolyn

Lori said...

You sew everything so fast I hardly have time to comment before you show us more beauties!! What fun! Love the way you set them.

Tatkis said...

Those pillows are so cute, I love the warm autumn colours you used!