Monday, April 9, 2012


Spring in Idaho takes awhile
longer to arrive. 
My tulips are just now getting a
flower bulb on them and
our grass is still brown.
Saturday at the grocery store
they had these precious flowers
just sitting in a box, they
were completely closed.
The little note said, clip and put in
water and they will open and they did!
I started to print patterns this morning,
set the printer for 200 and turned
my back, first mistake, ran right out
of ink, silly machine.  So I turned it off
went to workout and the grass and
weeds called my name.  So I mowed
and pulled weeds.  We use canal
water to water the lawn and I am waiting
for it to show up so I can green this place up!
Off to buy ink now.....
Elizabeth Ann


Doreen said...

I think you can count yourself fortunate that the early spring warmth hasn't teased your flowers/plants into thinking it's more Spring/Summer than just Spring/transition! Our apple and cherry trees are in blossom and the daffodils & tulips are almost done! We are under a "Freeze Warning" for the next 2-3 nights....lows in the 20's-UGH! And it's windy, so how to cover up ground vegetation when impossible to anchor coverings!?! Have even mowed lawn---needs again! Very odd year~hugs, Doreen

Patty C. said...

Beautiful flowers -i am of of ink also -it doesnt last long arund here