Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sweet Quilters.....

Yesterday I headed down to
the quilt shop to sign books and patterns
and when I got there 4 quilters
were sewing away.  In just two hours they
made 30 pillowcases to give away!
Beautiful soft flannel pillowcases to help
ease the pain of being in a hospital somewhere.
They meet once a month and some drive a good
30 minutes or so.  Usually there
are a few more ladies to help. 
Next month I will be there with my machine
to lend a hand.
About an hour later I met two ladies
from Las Vegas, NV!
My goodness, you would have
loved to sit and listen to them tell
about their shop hopping adventures!
When they went to Montana to shop hop
one stop was on a farm. 
They had to drive down a dirt
road, past the farmer on his tractor,
to the first barn on the right
(I threw that last part in).
They have done Shop Hops in Nevada,
Idaho, Oregon, Washington,
Montana, Wyoming!
They wanted to do the WA one this
year but one of the ladies
had to go on a fishing trip with
her sons and grandsons!
Hard to fit the quilting adventures in
around those fishing trips!
Great day of fun yesterday!!
Elizabeth Ann
P.S. Pauline we put your name
in to win a free book at the store.....
P.S.S.  We had a hail storm yesterday and
my tulips came through ok, tomorrow I will
share a picture of the pink and white ones....


Lori said...

What a beautiful sign of spring!!
I'm glad you are meeting some wonderful ladies!!

sunny said...

Beautiful flowers! Sounds like you're having a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Elizabeth! It was fun meeting you yesterday.

Nancy in MT said...

I've been enjoying your blog and patterns. I live in Montana and can relate to the ladies on the Shop Hop, finding a quilt store on a farm, in a barn and a bunk house. There's one like that near me.

Patty C. said...

Love the flowers - Have fun with your quilting buddies :)