Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Woolly Heart Two...

The hearts are getting
easier to sew together now.
Trick is to trim the seam to about
3/8 inch and baste a thread
to follow.

I was asked to come down
to the quilt shop
and sign some books
for the customers that have
pre-ordered the book.
What a fun time we had!
It's very humbling to sign
your name on a book
knowing someone is purchasing
your little book to make
quilts you design.
I did learn one thing, all
the cute little pens I have
been buying for this day, are
totally useless.  Need a blue
 We are going to sell some of
my fancy little pins at the
shop, so off to the bead
store I went and these
are the finished product.
Have a fun day!
Elizabeth Ann


Carol said...

You must be walking on air right about now, Liz!! I'm so excited for you :)

marie said...

Why do you need a "blue" sharpie? Curious minds wants to know.