Monday, May 14, 2012

Fun news today.........

I hope you all had
a great weekend!
Warm weather has returned,
and I am enjoying every moment
of it.
Because we are in the high desert it
cools off really quickly when the sun sets.
Perfect for sleeping....
I got the milk can block done, don't
laugh, I know it looks a little like a dress
with blue sleeves, but its ok....
And I got this cute little block done,
vases with flowers,
actually looks like it should.
Now I'm spending every free moment,
cutting a block out or sewing one up. 
Once I get started, I don't want to stop,
if I do, it seems to sit in the closet forever....
Remember this little book??
My dear sales rep,
(you know that's fun to type - right)
sales rep,
called with some great news
Book is arriving from the printers
in July!
I love this book, its what got me started
doing wool embroidery.
Its been a little more than a year now and I
have enjoyed every moment of
designing and sewing with the beautiful wools.
Well I need to go celebrate, a little
chocolate chip mint ice cream is calling my name.....
Elizabeth Ann


Doreen said...

The milk can block and flowers w/ vases are so are definitely "on a roll"! Love them!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Love the milk can block...and all the pretty flowers!

Yes.... you should celebrate! Wished I could be with you as I like chocolate mint ice cream too...Yum!

:) Carolyn

Carol said...

What exciting news about your book, Liz! I'd be celebrating with ice cream, too (although mine would be chocolate peanut butter!!)...

Your newest blocks are so cute! Have a great day :)

Lori said...

Time for a celebration..for sure!! I love your newest applique blocks.

Patty C. said...

I'm so proud of all of your accomplishments - You've done a wonderful job !!!

Your blocks are so pretty - I love the colors

Tatkis said...

Adorable flowers in vases!
Congratulations with your book news (and July is very soon ;) )