Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Woolly Goodness....

So I told you all
about my plans to make
4 new pillows....
I have this picture of a very
cute woolly center
and small quilt blocks,
made from cottons for the borders.
Some days I'm not sure
if I can even come up
with a cute woolly center
but today everything clicked
and some beautiful woolly
fabrics turned into this...
Now I'm not sure about the quilt
border but I'm sure a trip
to the nearest quilt store
will solve the problem......
Elizabeth Ann
P.S. The watermelon heart is
almost done, and you know
I wouldn't want you to wait too
long to see it :)


Doreen said...

Love it, love it, love it!!!! Can't wait to see the complete picture!!!

Tatkis said...

It looks so lovely! You had the right mood :)


Lori said...

I love it!! Nice work Liz!!

Patty C. said...

Oh - this is awesome! Love the look of that wool :)