Friday, June 29, 2012

First Annual Report.....

Went cherry picking yesterday.
First bucket of cherries went home
with my dear friend -
apparently they had
Good thing I only ate a few
because I'm
sure I could feel
them crawling around in my tummy
last night.....
Next farm we went too
had my favoritest cherries and
the most delicious big red cherries
you have ever tasted.
I now have 4 large bags of pitted
cherries in the freezer and purple hands.

Have you ever become friends with
someone that thinks and does crazy things
like you do?  Well I have been bless to meet
several in the last month or so.
My workout partner is also my partner in
crime, she spotted a large rock in the
empty lot on the way home, so I
went home and got the riding lawn mower
(which you cannot use in this subdivision)
except to carry rocks home.  It took all the strength
we had to lift that baby on the mower and drove
it home and rolled it into place.
I might add - it looks very pretty in my
yard instead of the weed patch across the way.
Of course a neighbor saw the whole
thing (probably more than one) and reported
it to the husband.....

I also wanted to tell you all that have read
my blog for a long time, the woolly
patterns are doing very well.
This is the first month that I could actually
pay for all my supplies by myself and
not charge one single thing.
My goal for the next few months is
to pay for a booth at Spring Quilt Market
in Portland!
Thank you so much for all the kind,
supportive comments that you have left.
You will never know what they
have met to me!
Have a wonderful weekend.....
Elizabeth Ann

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Lori said...

Congratulations on your business success! I have been asked to go at the Portland Quilt market! That will be exciting to meet you!