Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy Wednesday!
Its been raining, lightning, thundering
for the past few days, 39
last night.....
Been practicing my watercolors,
do you know you can learn to paint
by watching You Tube?
I really want to take a few lessons
now!  I also went from a $3.00 watercolor
kit to a $8.00 kit and some very nice
These are my little cards that I want
to include with my orders. 
I am just a little afraid to write
Thank You For Your Order -
knowing me I would make a mistake...
New wools should arrive today
for the Summer Pillow,
just think of gentle ocean waves,
seaside cottages,
red geraniums,
Grand old flag,
happy whales,
cottage up on the cliffs,
happy little fish,
and I think the best part,
smiling starfish
marching down the beach...
Just maybe by tomorrw at this
time I can take a picture
and share with all you dear friends....
Suns out now,
maybe I can put the blankets
away for good today!
Elizabeth Ann


Lori said...

Beautiful Liz!!
It has been cold here too. C'mon summer!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Your water color is Lovely Liz! I use tin paints when I do water color relaxing.

Keep it up!

:) Carolyn

Carol said...

Such a sweet card, Liz!! I'm so envious of your painting ability--I honestly can't even draw a stick figure (which is why I love stitching--it makes me feel artistic!!)...

Dianne said...

I love the cards and your pillows! I finally have some time now to catch up on my blog reading! ;-)