Thursday, July 5, 2012

Vermont Quilt Fest

Lori over at Humble Quilts
sent me this picture
this morning.
She and my patterns
got to go to Vermont,
I stayed home
and watched hundreds of
fireworks last night
and listened to
even more.
We could see
Nampa, Caldwell, Middleton
and lots and lots of backyard fireworks.
It was absolutely wonderful
until midnight and then I
think it was time to turn them
I hope you are enjoying
your holiday week!
Elizabeth Ann
P.S. The patterns in the gold
are mine.......


diamondc said...

We would like to see a picture of your rock, you see I am in love with large rocks I have them all over in my flpwer garden and around the house.
Cherries are my favorite fruit I eat them fresh in the summer and frozen the rest of the year,

Lee Prairie Designs said...

So happy for you Elizabeth Ann!!!!


Tatkis said...

I love fireworks :)
And your patterns are wonderful!