Sunday, August 5, 2012

Kuna Quilt Show.....

This weekend was the quilt show
and I was there signing books
& patterns.
I had the best time.....
Usually when you go to a quilt
show you get to see quilts -
Saturday I didn't even see a vendor
or a quilt.
My book sold out by 3 and I headed
home to fill an order I had
received on Friday.
Today I made it to two
vendors and of course I found
some woolly goodness.....
this wool is from Utah
Wooly 4 Ewe -
so beautiful.
This is all I could afford since
I was just there signing books, not
actually making money.  Trust me if
I was making money I would have stocked
up even more!
I met so many wonderful ladies and one
gentleman from Saratoga, CA
Three sisters came through the booth
a couple of times.  They were
such a joy to meet.
I could have went right home with
them but they already have one
sister named Elizabeth Ann so I guess
that wouldn't work.
We sold all but one little book,
pretty amazing!
Well now I need to get back
to printing and get this order ready
for tomorrow's mail.
 The ladies that put on the Kuna Show
did a great job.  They took very
good care of their vendors!
Maybe next year I will get to
see those quilts......
Elizabeth Ann


Carol said...

YAY for all those book sales--I'm so proud of you!!!

Gayle said...

Lisa is a friend of mine - glad you were able to get some of her beautiful wool!