Friday, August 17, 2012

Thread Candy.......

Some people dream about owning
big houses, SUV's, boats,
I dream about owning
threads and fabrics.

Just kidding, I would
like one of those new VW bugs though.

I am going to expand my vision
of embroidery and this is
my choice of thread to work on that.
I seem to get stuck with one idea but I
think this thread will help my problem....

A couple of days ago I searched
CeCe's website for an hour
trying to decide on just 15 colors....
Today she treated me to
lunch and informed me I will
receive every color.

This little gem is a piece of her new
wool and beautiful mohair thread.
She is so talented and I am so blessed
to have such a sweet friend.
Maybe we can talk her into selling
it on her Etsy store??
I will let you know if that happens.
Have a great weekend!
Homemade ice cream sounds delightful......
Elizabeth Ann


The Thread Gatherer said...

Liz is such a talented designer whom I have known from her cross stitch designing days. Her designs in wool are simply perfect for my Sheep's Silk thread. I am the lucky one to have her as a friend!

Karen said...

Lucky, lucky you! That thread is beautiful!

Lori said...

Thread heaven!! Who knew thread could be so beautiful!?

sunny said...

Those threads are just luscious!!

Carol said...

Oh, how absolutely beautiful!! I would be in heaven, too--enjoy, Liz!!

Tatkis said...

Those threads looks wonderful and delicious :)
No one could resist them!