Friday, September 14, 2012

A Little Fun & A Free Pattern......

Last night I was writing
the pattern up for
Folk Art Pumpkin III
these little kitties
were very upset with me....
If anyone can tell
me why
I will mail
out a free pattern to you
next week!
(The first person to do so)
Elizabeth Ann
I loved all your answers,
if you send me
your addresses,
next week I will
send a pattern to you!
I forgot their little paws....
Happy weekend !


Happy Valley Primitives said...

Looks like they're missing some paws to hang on with! Very cute!


Carol said...

Adorable pillow--are the kitties sad because they have no whiskers yet?

paulette said...

Are the kitties sad because they have bushy squirrel tails? They are awfully sweet!

Patti said...

I think they are upset to be sitting on the pointy part of the fence ( I know I would be ;)
Another lovely pattern!
Blessings, Patti

Sandi said...

They look a bit bowling pin shaped to me and I think they are telling you they was to slim down and also have some whiskers and a mouth.

Tatkis said...

I'm late, I know :)
I think they just feel uncomfortable at the edges of the fence :)


Lee Prairie Designs said...

I know I'm to late also, Liz...but I think their bottoms are saying "OUCH"!

Another cute design!

Hugs, Carolyn