Monday, September 10, 2012

Celebrating Autumn - Day Seven......

I have this pumpkin,
not the best of pumpkin shapes
I like it
I made
Folk Art Pumpkin Three
to look a little bit like it..........
I also made a 5" pillow
just because the
wool was so pretty I
wanted to do one more design
with it last night.
Lace trim was perfect.
It was a present from Victorian
By the way,
she is having the best
I so would love to win it
because the lace and
buttons would be perfect on
a piece of beautiful wool....
Have a wonderful week!
Elizabeth Ann


Sandi said...

What a cool pumpkin! I like your pillow interpretation.

It is definitely starting to feel like autumn around here on the west coast.

Love checking out your blog each day.

Tatkis said...

Those 3 cats are so cute :)