Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Christmas Eve........

When I was a little kid,
my mom & I
lived in a two story
duplex by a big hill.
Christmas Eve
I would go
up stairs and sit by the
window waiting
for that sleigh and reindeer
to come over that hill.......
I finally took the
time to stitch the Winter
pillow and made sure
Santa came over that hill!
The pattern should be ready
by Monday.
First I have to unpack some
Christmas decor
for the picture.
I hope your week is going well,
mine has been excellant so far......
Elizabeth Ann


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Mr. Snowman looks mighty "handsome", Liz along with his friends and cute background...Winter will be here before we know it...but we are injoying the beautiful fall weather for now :)

Hugs, Carolyn

Patty C. said...

I Looooove snowmen!