Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Woolly Goodness & A Famous Quilter......

Last weekend I had the
privilege to sign my
books at the Boise quilt show.
I love visiting with the ladies that
are enjoying wool embroidery.
I am so appreciative of their
nice comments about
my patterns and book.
Sunday I went to Quilt Expressions
in Boise to sign books
but this lady
Karen McTavish was
there teaching
(this photo is from a different
shop, I borrowed it from the web).
(I wish I could have just watched too!)
When the students were back
in the classroom
I went and checked out
their work on the
quilting machines.
It was amazing.
Then when they were
at the machines I went
to the classroom to see
the finish quilts that
Karen had brought in
to share.
There is just not a perfect
word to describe her
I had a chance to go through
the wool pieces there
and purchased just a few pieces
Last night I cut this
pattern out
but I cannot stitch today
I need to be folding patterns
A box of white sheets
of paper
isn't as pretty as wool
its a nice big order
so I better get busy.
You all have a great day......
Elizabeth Ann


Doreen said...

Great post!! Always inspirational to see what others accomplish! Looks like you will be quite busy for a little while......a "good thing"! Hugs....

Lori said...

How exciting!! It looks like you had good sales!!

Septiembre said...

Hola, vengo del blog de Carol y me encantan tus diseños.

Judy said...

Sounds like a very nice weekend. The pumpkin is a very cute pattern! Thanks for sharing

judy heartland stitcher