Friday, November 2, 2012


Here it is Friday again,
a glorious weekend ahead.
Yesterday I was wishing
I had a big big bank account
so I could load a truck up with
food and take it back east.

When my husband & I lived
in Oklahoma, we went
through a bad time
with our home,
it would have been
so wonderful if
someone showed up with
a dinner and a hug.

I have been so busy I
forgot to keep a good stash
of wools on hand
I finally ran out.
Very sad isn't it?
I'm trying to figure out
how to make round ornaments
for this cute little Charlie Brown
Christmas tree I bought last weekend.
These will have lots of embroidery on
beautiful red wool!

This little guy is the second
half of the silly snowmen pattern
no white wool in this house
to be had.
I think I might have enough
fall wools to get
Miss November out,
she is going to be cooking
Thanksgiving dinner - yum
I hope you all have a great weekend.....
Elizabeth Ann


Tatkis said...

The pumpkin motive is soooo beautiful!
Hope you'll find some lovely white wool for your Christmas balls :)


marie said...

I have a large stash of wool, but sad to say that the white bin is mightly low. Guess I don't use that much, or use it up to dye into other colors I need. Hope you find some soon.

Judy said...

OOOOOO, snowman #2 looks really cute! Can't wait to see him put together. No wool does pose a problem for the little guy!

Judy heartland stitcher