Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Yesterday in between
printing patterns
I dug out my Farm Fresh
quilt and got busy
on it again.
Every winter I try to
finish one big project
this is the project for this winter.
Now if I machine stitched
the pieces down it would go
really fast but since
I do everything by hand it
will take all winter.
Can you believe
Turkey Day is next week?
I wish Martha would come cook
at my house and I could
just sit down to a nice hot
turkey dinner.....
Elizabeth Ann


Nicola said...

I wish Martha would come to my house too.

Siobhán said...

I wish Martha would come to my house, too!! Though I'd probably be so freaked out that I'd be cleaning for weeks before she arrived. LOL Love the quilt!

Lori said...

Gorgeous! Some quilts call for hand work- especially during winter.
Are you staying home for Thanksgiving?