Friday, December 21, 2012


Last day of work
this afternoon I will pack my
little office up.

I found this cute fabric
on my last trip
to the fabric store.
Love those sheep!
Thanks Primitive Gatherings
for designing such cute fabric!!
I thought little sheep flowers would
be fun for a change!

This will be my first
design for 2013 -
seems like the years
are flying by....
I think I will call it
Springtime Meadows,
I like that a lot.
Not sure how I will take
pictures with my cabinets
in storage, I'm sure I can
come up with something.....
I hope you all stay safe and warm
through the storms that are moving
back east!
Elizabeth Ann


Carol said...

Ha ha--sheep flowers!! Love them, Liz :)

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Christmas Blessings to you and your family, Liz.

I'm excided for you and your new adventure in 2013!

xoxox, Carolyn

The Woolen Cellar said...

I love the new sheep pattern and look forward to it coming out next year. Love your patterns and have made most of the ones from your book. Merry Christmas!

Judy said...

The sheep are adorable! You always have the perfect fabric to finish the pillow. Have a nice holiday.

Judy heartland stitcher

Nicola said...

What an adorable design. I LOVE IT !!!

Have a great Christmas