Monday, February 11, 2013

Sunday afternoon.....

There are a group of stitchers that
have made Sunday
the day to stitch Christmas ornaments.
I thought it was a wonderful
idea so I unofficially joined the group.
Two Sunday afternoon's
and this is all I have to show
but maybe by December
I might have a few new ornaments
to hang on the tree.
My head finally isn't
fuzzy from whatever I had
so I have been writing patterns and
printing away again.
46 degrees today - spring like
Elizabeth Ann


Lida said...

Lovely ornament and time enough to finish some! Greetings

Carol said...

Very cute Santa...maybe you'll have to give in and spend more time with him rather than just on Sunday afternoons :)

Nicola said...

What a very pretty Santa. I like having set days each week for additoinal projects.

Eileen Yost said...

Very good idea, I am going to suggest this to my stitching group. Thanks