Friday, May 3, 2013


Today I'm working on
just three projects.
Should be outside working
in the garden!
I wasn't really happy
with this quilt
but as it turns out
it works perfectly in the
new bedroom.
So I have to move two blocks around
and add the borders.

Been working on my cross-stitch
Today I had to unroll it, when
I do that it motives me to keep working at it.
Wish I had used a smaller count linen
but then I couldn't see to stitch it.
Will have to save a lot of money to get
it framed!

And last,  my quilt made it
Going to have to learn how to take
better pictures in this house....
I got another fall pear cut out and ready
to stitch - I love the colors on this new pear.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Elizabeth Ann


sunny said...

Liz, I picked up YOUR magazine earlier this week. Your quilt is absolutely adorable!!! Congrats on getting it published, and on the COVER!!!!

Carol said...

Oh, that PS piece is a masterpiece, Liz!! I'll bet you love it more and more each time you finish a block :)

Tatkis said...

Such a charming quilt, and I love your cross stitching process!

Hope to see the new pear soon ;)


Lori said...

I LOVE the applique quilt!!

Patty C. said...

Everything looks beautiful!