Sunday, June 30, 2013


I hope you have been enjoying
the summer so far.
I had my husband make
a few of these round tables
to go here and there in the house....
So I have made some tablecloths to go
on them.
Now all I need are some curtains.
Just had to show this lamp I
found at a little antique show.
I changed the bulb to one
of those that flickers like a candle.

Changed some of the quilts around too.
With 10 foot ceilings I have a lot of wall space
to fill up & I enjoy doing that a lot....
I have run right out of things to decorate with
and need a road trip to collect some treasures.

I did get a new little
holiday cross stitch sewed up
and one made for my friend up North.
And I got this new birdie
done and the pattern finished up.
December Birdie.
He has a sack full of goodies
for good little boys & girls!

And I got a little further on
my Prairie Schooler ABC's
I'm still not even half way done with it......

I almost got this little piece
finished but I'm working
on some new patterns so I had
to put it down for now.
Hopefully this week I will
finish two patterns
Town Square.
They will have two woolly patterns
and a quilt pattern.
I started the drawings for a new
series called
Grandma's Farmhouse
I'm very excited about them!

I hope your July is full of fun!
Elizabeth Ann


Carol said...

Looks like you're getting all settled in your new home, Liz! And you're still finding time to design and stitch--amazing!! Your PS Alphabet is so incredible--I can't imagine working on that large hunk of fabric. And your little December Santa Birdie is so adorable--you have the best ideas!!

Hope you have a lovely holiday on the 4th :)

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Your home is looking so cozy, Liz! All of your projects are lovely.

Thanks for sharing and have a great 4th of July, too!!

Hugs, Carolyn