Sunday, September 1, 2013

Got Sheep??

I love how these little pumpkins
turned out, they were a joy
to stitch.
The pattern will be out
this week sometime,
so you can have time to
stitch them & use them to do
all that fall decorating you have plans for!
(Mines all done).
On the way home from church
today, way out in the country,
I saw a tree with Christmas lights!
I can honestly say I'm not that bad but
last night I was thinking about
were the Christmas trees
would be in this new little house.....
The threads I used
on the little sheep were:
Roasted Marshmallow, Raven,
Gingersnap & Gold Leaf.
Have a great holiday tomorrow!
Elizabeth Ann

1 comment:

Tatkis said...

Cutest sheep pillows!